“Meanwhile, Joshua said to the two spies, “Keep your promise. Go to the prostitute’s house and bring her out, along with all her family.” Joshua 6:22 NLT

Keep your promise. Joshua lead the Israelites around Jericho seven days and on the seventh day, seven times. They were obedient to the commands of God and the instructions of their leader. God gave Israel the victory. Upon their victory, Joshua sent two spies to keep their promise to Rahab. Though a prostitute, she previously helped the spies. Joshua said, keep your word. God will use whom He chooses as destiny helpers. Rahab, protected the spies and spared their lies. God uses unlikely heroes in our time of need. He says, keep your word and remember when . . . Though deliverance comes, keep in mind the least likely support. God delivers us and says go back and pull someone else out . . . Go back and win the lost . . . Rahab gathered her family, yielding their deliverance in a time of destruction. Just as God keeps His promises toward us, so must we . . . Joshua taught the spies, to be men of their word. As believers, sometimes it is all we have to give – Truth. Rahab was saved, not just physically but spiritually. God uses whomever He chooses for His greater glory. Let us not discard the assistance God provides or forget promises made. Unlikely favor is orchestrated by God, we must keep our ears to the heart, the word of the Father and our spiritual eyes open.