Founder, Ella Rose Bush Bogan

Ella Rose Bush Bogan is affectionately known to many as Mama Bogan, the “Gumbo Queen”. She has been anointed by God to be a mother in Zion with a passion to empower women to be all that God has purposed them to become. She and her husband, Ersel, reside in New Orleans.

Ella Bogan is the founder of Women On Assignment, operating on the principle of God, to go ye therefore into all the world and make disciples, according to Matthew 28:19a. Her goal for Women On Assignment is to summon the older women to teach, pray and reach out to the younger women and propel them into their destiny.

Women on Assignment regularly meets quarterly for a general meeting. Various events are held throughout the months to promote the love of Jesus to single women, the elderly, teenagers, etc.