“But Moses protested again, “What if they won’t believe me or listen to me? What if they say, ‘The Lord never appeared to you’?” Then the Lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?” “A shepherd’s staff,” Moses replied.” Exodus 4:1-2 NLT

But Moses protested again. Moses presents another, what if to God. Once again, Moses focused on the people rather than God. Here again is that hurdled, of man’s opinion and acceptance. God in all His patience, asked Moses what is in your hand. With a shepherd’s staff in his hand, Moses questioned the call. Moses was given the sign, he is called. He’s been given the assurance, God is with him. God has solidified His power and the strength of His hand. And yet, Moses was fearful of man’s rejection. God said to Moses, all you need is in your hand. You shall lead, guide and direct My people with what is in your hand. Moses focused on the past, his past rejection, his betrayal, his past experiences in dealing with Israelites. God used that same shepherd staff to perform a miracle. God allowed it to become a snake and back into a rod at the hand of Moses. He touched his hand with leprosy and healed it instantly. With your testimony and display of my power, they will know – you have been with Me! We cannot allow our past experiences with man to hinder ‘The Call’ on our lives. The mere fact, that we walk with God in miracles, signs and wonders will be evident. God’s healing hand has touched our bodies and made us whole. Testify of His goodness. Then we have got to allow God to use what is in our hands as a tool of His power. Moses was already operating in the position of a Shepherd. God used that same man, that same Shepherd but now, submitted and surrendered to God. He didn’t ask him to operate where he was not already skilled. We must submit, surrender to God and let Him work through us. That same staff that guided natural sheep, would now guide the spiritual sheep of God. God already knew his past when He called Moses, just like us.