“But I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty hand forces him. So I will raise my hand and strike the Egyptians, performing all kinds of miracles among them. Then at last he will let you go.” Exodus 3:19-20 NLT

I will raise My hand. God knows it will take a force greater than Moses to set the people free. He knows Pharaoh will not release them with one word. God said, Moses I Am with you, knowing this was no small assignment. God reinforced His presence so Moses would not be afraid. He let him know beforehand, you are not alone although it sometimes seems like it. That tasks will require great strength and power. But rest assure, I am the Lord Almighty. Follow My instructions and watch Me move. I will force Pharaoh’s hand to release My people through many signs, wonders and miracles. Believe Moses, though the tasks is great, the victory will be won! God knows the enemy is relentless in his attack and his endeavor to keep us in bondage. But the Lord our God is mighty to save, to deliver and set free. The enemy will not just roll over and play dead. We cannot say, one prayer and quote one scripture and sing one religious song and think, the enemy will just say, my bag, you win, I didn’t know, I’m sorry. Our relationship with God must be sure. Moses, if God sends us victory is inevitable. God forearmed, forewarned and equipped Moses for the tasks ahead. God said, this is not going to be a pretty, walk in the park but with Me, it shall come to pass. God says, I Am raising My hand. God says, we must stick with Him, trust Him at His word and be vigilant. Vigilant in prayer, His word, worship and cultivating our relationship with Him. In the end, we win . . . God is raising His hand with miracles, signs and wonders!