“The next morning Pharaoh was very disturbed by the dreams. So he called for all the magicians and wise men of Egypt. When Pharaoh told them his dreams, not one of them could tell him what they meant. Finally, the king’s chief cup-bearer spoke up. “Today I have been reminded of my failure,” he told Pharaoh.” Genesis 41:8-9, NLT

Pharaoh was experiencing disturbing dreams. He sent for magicians and the wise men of Egypt. None could interpret. The least expected person had the answer. Finally, the king’s cupbearer spoke up. Finally, he remembered Joseph. Finally, he remembered a promise made. Finally, he remembered who helped him, gave him hope while in prison. Finally, he remembered where he failed. Finally, he remembered where God answered. Pharaoh sent for Joseph, immediately. Though delayed, Joseph’s dream, Joseph’s destiny, Joseph’s purpose was divinely catapulted. One man remembered, One man received peace, One man appointed through One Divine Connection! Joseph continued to walk with God, remain in integrity and holdfast to his dream. Joseph remained faithful even when he found himself hated, in a pit, falsely accused and in a prison. God favored Joseph and subsequently circumstances favored Joseph. The time of delay prepared and tested Joseph for the divine manifestation of God’s favor upon his life. Oftentimes, we disregard or take lightly the favor of God in small or seemingly ordinary events/situations. However, this level of God’s favor places Joseph at the pinnacle place. He will be used by God in the place of the world and believers alike. Joseph would be used to change both natural and spiritual realms. It’s time to take our eyes off of the pits, the prisons, the lies, the schemes and be persons of integrity. God is preparing us for divine manifestations, but we must take our eyes off natural places, positions and circumstances. The person who seems least likely to help, will be used to noise our name abroad. The person who seems least likely to shoulder the greatest influence will call our names. Someone will remember today . . . Be ready for the call, the assignment is at hand.