“Sir, do you remember me?” Hannah asked. “I am the very woman who stood here several years ago praying to the LORD.”  1 Samuel 1:26 (NLT)

Do you remember me? This time when Hannah stood in the temple, it was from a different position/posture. This time Hannah stood victorious. This time Hannah’s continence reflected the glory of God. This time Hannah stood in the fulfillment of His promise/His word/His healing virtue. So changed, even the priest didn’t recognize her. The same priest who once said, she should stop. The same priest who witnessed her crying out to the point she seemed drunk. People who once identified your sorrow won’t be able to recognize your joy. When the completed work takes place, they won’t see us but the God who dwells within. Hannah no longer wore the face of pain, the look of the past, the emptiness of heart or a woman mocked. The glow of fruitfulness radiated from her. People from our past won’t recognize us as we walk in the fulfillment of God’s promises. Thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through. Hannah reminded Eli, she was that woman . . . That woman once mocked, ridiculed and shamed by others. No longer covered by shame but cloaked in His glory. Our testimony says, I been redeemed, washed by the blood of The Lamb, walking in the victory of Christ our Savior!! No longer bound by our past, delivered and set free to obey God. Living in the fulfilled, manifested promises of God! This time, standing in the glory of The Almighty! Now, Hannah entered in to fulfill her promise and give back to God.